About Jounghee Won

I earned my B.A. in Applied Art at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 1994, and I received my M.F.A. in Fine Art at Gachon University in Korea in 1997. My artworks have been exhibited in Korea and the United States, and I have been recognized for my artistic talents in the form of numerous awards since 1994. To further my career, I was pursuing another master’s degree in photography at California State University, Fresno.

My abstract works of art express human emotions. My sensibility creates abstractions with prompted drawings and paintings on papers and canvases. In addition, using copper wires, I design human figures from my whimsical imagination. I have experimented continuously with a variety of materials, the drawings and wire sculptures that aim to express the emotions I strive so earnestly to convey.

To be specific, I love the simplicity of lines and shadows. Every object has its own shadow. Whenever I see something about interesting shapes and lines from real objects, those are inspiring my artwork. I want to capture the interesting lines, shapes, and shadows. Especially lines that represent human figures and express inner sentiments. The figures and lines are integrated harmoniously into the photographs. As part of the material landscape in photography, the creative lines are revealed by shadows.